Innovator of UHD A/V optical connectivity
RICHOOW is a leading solution provider of 4K & 8K UHD video fiber optic connectivity, located in Shenzhen, China.
RICHOOW engineers, manufactures, and sells premium active optical cables (AOCs), based on various interface standards of HDMI, USB, DisplayPort, DVI, and other customized interface standards, to meet the increasing demands of a/v connectivity.
Backed by technology experts and seasoned manufacture teams, RICHOOW provides high speed, long-distance extension and ultra high definition a/v streams transmission solutions, serving the extremely diverse markets, including HD Projection, Home Theater, Video Gaming, Industrial Visual System, LED/Splicing Large Screen Display, VR/AR, HD Surveillance, Medical Monitoring, etc.
Our vision is to develop cost-saving solutions and provide value-added service to assist our customers operate their business more efficiently and profitably.
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